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Outliers: The Story of Success is a book written by Malcolm Gladwell. The book is his third nonfiction book and it was published in 2008. Upon its publishing, the book received major acclaim from the critics and the readers. In his book, the author talks about the road to success that most people follow. He talks about those factors that can lead to success and the ones that are essential for success.

Outliers Pdf Review:

He has many theories that he has explained in the book using examples. For example, he tries to explain his theory of success for those people who are born in early months by talking about the ice hockey players. He shows how the ice hockey players that are born at the start of the year are more successful. He also mentions Bill Gates and talks about the way he became the richest man in the world. He also mentions The Beatles and talk of their success and the things that led to it.

Outliers Pdf

Outliers PDF Features:

  • Different topics are under separate chapters.
  • The success stories of some of the most successful people are mentioned in separate chapters.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One
The Matthew Effect:
“You don’t even have to do any statistical analysis. You just look at it.”
Chapter Two
The 10,000 Hour Rule:
“In Hamburg, we had to play for eight hours.”
Chapter Three
The Trouble With Geniuses
“Knowledge of a boy’s IQ is of little help if you are faced with a formful of clever boys.”
Chapter Four
Louis Terman’s Error.
“After protracted negotiations, it was agreed Robert would be put on probation.”
Chapter Five:
The Rise of the Jewish Lawyer
“Mary got a quarter.”
Chapter Six
Harlan, Kentucky:
“Die like a man like your brother did!”
Chapter Seven
The turnaround in the Skies:
“Captain, the weather radar has helped us a lot.”
Chapter Eight
Rice Paddies and Math Tests
“No one who can rise before dawn, 360 days a year, fails to make his family rich.”
Chapter Nine
Marquita’s Bargain
“All my friends now are from KIPP.”
A Jamaican Story
“If a progeny of young colored children is brought forth, these are emancipated.”

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