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Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) is a book written by two authors, named Carol Travis and Elliot Aronson. These two are social psychologists and in their book, they talk about cognitive biases. They use the theory to explain how victims of hurtful acts and perpetrators of these acts try to justify their behavior by calling it rational.

Mistakes Were Made Pdf Review:

Different kinds of people are mentioned in the book and the chapters are dedicated to some issues relating to them. For example, there is a topic relating George Bush and the Iraq War. The authors also talk about how conflict arises in couples and the things that it leads to. How justice may not be served fairly is also talked about in the book. Oprah Winfrey is mentioned in her relation to James Frey’s case.

Mistakes Were Made Pdf

Mistakes Were Made PDF Features:

  • Different kind of people is talked about in the book. For example, the Author talks about hypocrites and he poses the question that how they live with themselves.
  • Then, he goes on to explain that these people justify their ways and their actions by explaining their ways to be rational.
  • If any kind of rifts whether it is war or marriage, people try to justify themselves and the way they behave after hurting someone or being hurt by someone.

Table of Contents:


Knaves, Fools, Villains, and Hypocrites:
How Do They Live with Themselves?

Chapter 1:

Cognitive Dissonance:
The Engine of Self-justification

Chapter 2:

Pride and Prejudice . . . And Other Blind Spots

Chapter 3

Memory, the Self-justifying Historian

Chapter 4:

Good Intentions, Bad Science:
The Closed Loop of Clinical Judgment

Chapter 5

Law and Disorder

Chapter 6

Love¿s Assassin:
Self-justification in Marriage

Chapter 7
Wounds, Rifts, and Wars

Chapter 8

Letting Go and Owning Up

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