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Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping is a book by Paco Underhill which was published in 1999. The book sheds light on the dynamic of shopping and how people shop. Paco talks about the way people shop for several things and how the whole process of choosing to purchase works.

Why We Buy Pdf Review:

In his book, Underhill talks all about shopping. According to him, people tend to walk the way they drive. This is why when you go to the airports, you would see food shops on the right and the gift shops on the left. People are ready to find their way through hundreds of travelers to get fast food but they are not as tempted to get a gift. He has dedicated a chapter to how people actually shop. Most of them follow the drill where they see something. They go up to that thing and feel it. After touching something, they tend to buy it if the touch feels satisfying. Underhill and his colleagues are professional shopping experts and his book contains his experiences with people he has styled and his observations of people in marketplaces and shopping malls.

Why We Buy Pdf

Why We Buy Pdf Features:

  • The author uses his own experiences and observations to make his point about the way people shop.
  • He narrates the mechanism of shopping in one whole chapter.
  • The book may become unbearable at some points because the writer seems to be advertising his company, Envirosell a bit too much.

Table of Contents:

  • Instead of Samoa, stores: the science of shopping
  • Walk like an Egyptian: the mechanics of shopping
  • Men are from Home Depot, women are from Bloomingdale’s: the demographics of shopping
  • See me, feel me, touch me, buy me: the dynamics of shopping
  • Screensavers, jet lag and whirling dervishes: the culture of shopping.

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