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Thinking Fast and Slow is a psychology book written by Daniel Kahneman. The author is a Nobel Prize Laureate and his book also won the National Academies Communication Award for the year 2012. His book became a best seller because of its remarkable and unique approach to behavioral science and medicine. The book also touched on engineering and this diverse range of topics make the book a creative masterpiece.

Thinking Fast and Slow Pdf Review:

The book is based on the three phases of author’s research and his findings are present in the book. The first phase dealt with the cognitive biases and the second one dealt with prospect theory. In this phase, the writer researched on the dynamics of prospect theory and how it plays an important role in life. The third and last phase is Happiness in which the writer has searched on the phenomena of happiness. In his book, he has a divided thought process into two types. One is the instinctive one which is made as a result of emotions. The second one is a more logical one and slower than the first one.

Thinking Fast and Slow Pdf

Thinking Fast and Slow Pdf Features:

  • The author has shown in the book that people have too much faith in human judgment.
  • He proves this with his research of years.
  • The book won the Los Angeles Times Book Award.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Two systems. The characters of the story
  • Attention and effort
  • The lazy controller
  • The associative machine
  • Cognitive ease
  • Norms, surprises, and causes
  • A machine for jumping to conclusions
  • How judgments happen
  • Answering an easier question. pt. 2. Heuristics and biases. The law of small numbers
  • Anchors
  • The science of availability
  • Availability, emotion, and risk
  • Tom W’s specialty
  • Linda: less is more
  • Causes trump statistics
  • Regression to the mean
  • Taming intuitive predictions. pt. 3. Overconfidence. The illusion of understanding
  • The illusion of validity
  • Intuitions vs. formulas
  • Expert intuition: when can we trust it?
  • The outside view
  • The engine of capitalism. pt. 4. Choices. Bernoulli’s errors
  • Prospect theory
  • The endowment effect

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