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The Tipping Point is a book by Malcolm Gladwell. This was his first book and it was published in 2000 by the Little Brown Publishing company. As the name suggests, the book is about how there is a tipping point for everyone and everything. This is the boiling point after which hell breaks loose.

The Tipping Point Pdf Review:

In the book, Gladwell tries to explain how mysterious changes occur in the society every day. He gave examples from the past, for example, he talks about how the crime rate fell after 1990, in the New York City. He also talks about the rise in popularity of a show brand named Hush Puppies. The author has explained three rules in the book that are followed by the society when a major change occurs. One of the rule says that there are some people in the society who are responsible for doing all the work. These may be the people who have connections or the ones who have the most influence.

The Tipping Point Pdf

The Tipping Point Features:

  • There is a chapter that is dedicated to case studies in which the writer uses case studies of sneakers and other things to prove his point.
  • The three rules of the epidemic are explained in the first chapter and from there, the writer goes on to explain them all separately.

Table of Contents:

  • The three rules of epidemics
  • The law of the few: connectors, mavens, and salesmen
  • The stickiness factor: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, and the educational virus
  • The power of context (part one): Bernie Goetz and the rise and fall of New York City crime
  • The power of context (part two): the magic number one hundred and fifty
  • Case study: rumors, sneakers, and the power of translation
  • Case study: suicide, smoking, and the search for the unsticky cigarette
  • Conclusion: focus, test, and believe
  • Afterword: tipping point lessons from the real world.

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