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The Sociopath Next Door is a book by Martha Stout. Published in 2016, the books gives some alarming statistics. According to the book, 4% of the population in the world are sociopaths. This means that 1 in every 25 people is a sociopath. The author is a Harvard graduate and in her book, she tries to tell the reader that there might be a sociopath in your own house or your workplace.

The Sociopath Next Door Pdf Review:

The author has explained that the major factor that can be used to identify a sociopath is that they do not have any remorse. There is no consciousness in them and they do not feel guild neither do they feel any shame. This could be anyone around you. It may be your boss you like to humiliate his employees or it could be your co-worker who stole your idea and tried to get the credit for it. Alarmingly, it could be your spouse who has treated you unjustly. Normally, we think of sociopaths as violent people but the author gives a different approach to this undefined mental issue.

The Sociopath Next Door Pdf

The Sociopath Next Door Pdf Features:

  • The book is a chilling read since while reading it, you are reminded of someone around you who is just according to the description that the author has given in the book.
  • She says that these people are more attractive and even sexier.
  • However, they are not aware of how to love. They may fake emotions but deep inside, they do not have such feelings.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: imagine
  • The seventh sense
  • Ice people: the sociopaths
  • When normal conscience sleeps
  • The nicest person in the world
  • Why conscience is partially blind
  • How to recognize the remorseless
  • The etiology of guiltlessness: what causes sociopathy?
  • The sociopath next door
  • The origins of conscience
  • Bernie’s choice: why conscience is better
  • Groundhog day
  • Conscience in its purest form: Science votes for morality.

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