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The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement is a book written by the author David Brooks. He is a journalist for the New York Times and he is famous for his career as a journalist. The book talks about human beings and their actions. Humans are scientifically known as the social animals and that is where the book gets its title from.

The Social Animal Pdf Review:

The book talks about human behavior and how humans act when they have to make a decision. The author takes information from different sources such as biology or sociology to explain the way the human brain works. For example, he uses biology to explain how the brain develops and he uses psychology to explain how different things make the person behave in a certain way. He also takes aid from sociology to explain the influence of society on human behavior.

The Social Animal Pdf

The Social Animal PDF Features:

  • The author uses two characters named Harold and Erica to show how the emotions of people change over time.
  • The book became a New York Times bestseller and ranked at the first place.
  • The book also ranked the third Place for Publishers Weekly.
  • David Cameron also said that this book is his favorite and it has also received much acclaim from other sources and magazines.

Table of Contents:

  •  Why I Wrote This Book p. vii
  •  Acknowledgments p. xi
  • 1 What Is Social Psychology?  p. 1
  • 2 Conformity  p. 13
  • 3 Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion  p. 59
  • 4 Social Cognition  p. 117
  • 5 Self-Justification  p. 181
  • 6 Human Aggression  p. 253
  • 7 Prejudice  p. 301
  • 8 Liking, Loving, and Interpersonal Sensitivity  p. 357
  • 9 Social Psychology as a Science  p. 405
  •   Glossary  p. 430
  •   Notes  p. 438
  •   Name Index  p. 487
  •   Subject Index  p. 499

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