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The Person and the Situation is a book written by Lee Ross. It was published in 1991 and is related to psychology. Published by McGraw Hill Publications, the book covers themes of social psychology.

The Person and the Situation Pdf Review:

In the book, Ross talks about how the situations affect the way a person behaves. According to him, the way a person responds to something or anything that someone does is affected by the situation that they are in. The situation substantially impacts the reaction given to something by someone. It is a book that can be used for teaching purposes too.

The Person and the Situation Pdf

The Person and the Situation Pdf Features:

  • The book is based on social psychology and the author touches on the foundation of social psychology and also the lessons that one can learn from it.
  • The author also relates social psychology to culture in one chapter because culture also shapes the way a person thinks or acts.

Table of Contents:


  1. Introduction
    The Lessons and Challenges of Social Psychology • The Tripod on Which Social Psychology Rests • Predictability and Indeterminacy • The Problem of Effect Size • Overview and Plan of the Book
  2. The Power of the Situation
    Social Influence and Group Processes • Channel Factors
  3. Construing the Social World
    Subjectivist Considerations in Objective Behaviorism • The Construal Question in Social Psychology • The Attribution Process • Failure to Allow for the Uncertainties of Construal
  4. The Search for Personal consistency
    An Overview of Conventional theories of Personality • The Scientific Findings and the Debate • Professional Responses to the Challenge of 1968 • Making Sense of “Consistency” Correlations
  5. Lay Personology and Lay Social Psychology
    Qualitative Aspects of Lay Personality Theory • Quantitative Aspects of Lay Personality Theory • Lay Dispositionism and the Fundamental Attribution Error • The Sources of Lay Dispositionism
  6. The Coherence of Everyday Social Experience
    Scientific Disentangling versus Real-World Confounding • When People Create Their Own Environments • Continuity of Behavior over the Lifespan • Situations, Construals, and Personality
  7. The Social Psychology of Culture
    Situational Determinants of Culture • Culture, Ideology, and Construal • Cultures as Tension Systems • Traits, Ethnicities, and the Coordinates of Individual Differences
  8. Applying Social Psychology
    Methodological Lessons for Research Practitioners and Consumers • When “Big” Interventions Fail • When “Small” Interventions Succeed • Labeling and Attribution Effects in the Classroom • Subjective Perceptions and Objective Health Consequences • Everyday Application of Social Psychology

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