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The book has been written by Philip Zimbardo who is a famous psychologist. In his book, he talks about the idea of the Lucifer effect, which is the effect causing people to go bad or do bad things. The author has won several awards and his this work was also critically acclaimed all around the world.

The Lucifer Effect Pdf Review:

In the book, the author talks about why and how good people do bad things. There is a line between good and bad and there is always something that urges the good people to cross that line and go over to the bad side. He talks about the capacity of the human brain and heart to care so much for something or to be extremely evil and cruel to someone. He also mentions how people do things that are constructive but at the same time, they are also capable of doing things that are entirely destructive.

The Lucifer Effect Pdf

The Lucifer Effect Features:

  • The author explains how character transformation takes place in people and what is the science or psychological effect behind it.
  • The book is written in quite an interesting manner, making it a remarkable read for anyone wanting more insight into human behavior.

Table of Contents:



List of illustrations

  1. The psychology of evil: situated character transformations
  2. Sunday’s surprise arrests
  3. Let Sunday’s degradation rituals begin
  4. Monday’s prisoner rebellion
  5. Tuesday’s double trouble: visitors and rioters
  6. Wednesday is spiraling out of control
  7. The power of parole
  8. Thursday’s reality confrontations
  9. Friday’s fade to black
  10. TheSPE’s meaning and messages: the alchemy of character transformation
  11. The SPE: ethics and extensions
  12. Investigating social dynamics: power, conformity, and obedience
  13. Investigating social dynamics: deindividuation, dehumanization, and the evil of inaction
  14. Abu Ghraib’s abuses and tortures: understanding and personalizing its horrors
  15. Putting the system on trial: command complicity
  16. Resisting situational influences and celebrating heroism



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