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The Language Instinct is a book written by Steven Pinker. The book was published in 1954 and talks about how the mind creates language. Based on the subject of linguistics, the book offers an insight into how language works. It talks about how children learn the language and how their brain processes it. The author is a leading linguistic expert and his experience and knowledge are portrayed in the book.

The Language Instinct Pdf Review:

In his book, the author has explained how language works. From mentioning how the kids learn the language to the way language has changed over time, the book has everything you need to know about language. According to the writer, language is something that has been wired into the human brain. This wiring is evolutionary and is incorporated into the mind of people. The book won the William James Book Prize which is given by the American Psychological Association. The author says that humans have language organs which means that language is an integral part of their being.

The Language Instinct Pdf

The Language Instinct Pdf Features:

  • The book also contains information about the life of the author and his work. The author has also written some of the further reads at the end of the book.
  • The Linguistic Association of America gave the book the Public Interest Award.
  • This book has information about the language, its evolution and how it has changed over time.
  • A new edition has been published and this edition contains a slight update in terms of the science of language and scientific aspect of language.

Table of Contents:

Preface —

1: Instinct to acquire an art –

2: Chatterboxes –

3: Mentalese —

4: How language works –

5: Words, words, words –

6: Sounds of silence –

7: Talking heads –

8: Tower of Babel –

9: Baby born talking-describes heaven –

– 10: Language organs and grammar genes –

11: Big bang –

12: Language mavens –

13: Mind design –

Notes –

References –

Glossary –


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