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The Interpretation of Dreams is a book written by Sigmund Freud, who was a psychoanalyst. The book was published in the 1800s and talks of dreams and the author’s view on them.

The Interpretation of Dreams Pdf Review:

In the book, Freud talks about the relationship between dreams and daily life. His own dream or Irma’s injection is what set the pace for this book. It was due to the dream that he was prevented from mishandling a patient. He finds the relation between the unconscious and daily life. The author believed that dreams are a result of two mental processes. The first one was the wish that a person would think of, and that is expressed in the dream. The second is something that one wants to censor but it is revealed in the dream in form of a wish.

The Interpretation of Dreams Pdf

The Interpretation of Dreams Features:

  • Freud associated wish fulfillment with dreams and their interpretation.
  • He also mentions the relation that dreams have with the waking state of a person.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface to the Third German Edition
  2. Preface to the Second (German) Edition
  3. Introductory Note (first edition)
  4. The Scientific Literature of Dream-Problems (Up to 1900)
  5. The Relation of the Dream to the Waking State
  6. The Material of Dreams — Memory in Dreams
  7. Dream-Stimuli and Sources
  8. Why Dreams Are Forgotten After Waking
  9. The Psychological Peculiarities of Dreams
  10. The Ethical Sense in Dreams
  11. Dream-Theories and the Function of the Dream
  12. The Relation between Dreams and Mental Diseases
  13. Addendum 1909
  14. Addendum 1914
  15. The Method of Dream Interpretation
  16. The Dream as Wish-Fulfilment
  17. Distortion in Dreams
  18. The Material and Sources of Dreams
  19. Recent and Indifferent Impressions in the Dream
  20. Infantile Experiences as the Source of Dreams
  21. The Somatic Sources of Dreams
  22. Typical Dreams
  23. The Dream-Work
  24. Condensation
  25. The Work of Displacement
  26. The Means of Representation in Dreams
  27. Regard for Representability
  28. Representation in Dreams by Symbols: Some Further Typical Dreams
  29. Examples — Arithmetic and Speech in Dreams
  30. Absurd Dreams — Intellectual Performances in Dreams
  31. The Affects in Dreams
  32. The Secondary Elaboration
  33. The Psychology of the Dream Processes
  34. The Forgetting of Dreams
  35. Regression
  36. The Wish-Fulfilment
  37. Waking Caused by Dreams — The Function of Dreams — The Anxiety Dream
  38. The Primary and Secondary Processes. Repression
  39. The Unconscious and Consciousness. Reality.
  40. Bibliography
  41. Before the Publication of the First German Edition of this Book (1900)
  42. Bibliography Since 1900

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