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The Divided Self is a book written by Robert David Laing. The book is about philosophy as well as psychology. Published for the first time in 1960, the book sheds light in mental illness and in his book, the author tries to give a different way to the readers for perceiving mental illness.

The Divided Self Pdf Review:

In his book, Laing, a famous psychiatrist from the Glasgow University, focuses on mental illness. First, he tries to help the reader understand it. Then, he goes on to teach the reader about what mental illness actually is. He explains that mental issues are due to our divided selves. There is one person in a person that is authentic and it is the true self of that individual. The second person is the one that a person shows to the world. This persona is not authentic and this is just what one shows to the world. The tension between these personas results in psychosis.

The Divided Self Pdf

The Divided Self Pdf Features:

  • The author uses case studies from the patients that he has treated throughout his career.
  • He explains psychosis is a very different way than it has been explained previously.
  • His view and the introduction of schizophrenia is much appreciated in the community of readers and psychiatrists.

Table of Contents:

The Divided SelfPreface to the Original Edition
Preface to the Pelican Edition

Part One
1. The existential-phenomenological foundations for a science of persons
2. The existential-phenomenological foundations for the understanding of psychosis
3. Ontological insecurity

Part Two
4. The embodied and unembodied self
5. The inner self in the schizoid condition
6. The false-self system
7. Self-consciousness
8. The case of Peter

Part Three
9. Psychotic developments
10. The self and the false self in a schizophrenic
11. The ghost of the weed garden: a study of a chronic schizophrenic


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