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The Art of Loving is a book written by Eric Fromm who is a psychoanalyst. The book was published in 1956 under the publication house of Harper and Brothers. In this book, the author’s talks of his perspective about the human nature. He talks about love and that it is something that can be taught.

The Art of Loving Pdf Review:

The author has a very technical view of love. He rejects the idea of love as something that is bound to make your helpless. Similarly, he does not appreciate the idea of falling in love. For him, love can be controlled and it is something that can be understood if one makes the effort. He says that human beings in today’s time are too far away from nature and each other so they find their resort in romantic love and the concepts that are associated with it. According to the author, love depends on a lot of care and knowledge. You need to have knowledge of the other person and you also need to care for the other person.

The Art of Loving Pdf

The Art of Loving Pdf Features:

  • Love is something that is very hard to do but is also gives amazing rewards when done properly.
  • The author says that you cannot love someone until you love yourself and the whole of mankind.
  • He does not agree with the idea of modern love and the kind of relationship that Western society calls love.

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