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The Art of Choosing is a book written by Sheena Iyengar. The book was published in the March of 2010. As the name suggests, the book talks about choosing and choices. Sheena has portrayed how people make choices, some of them tough while the others are simple. Also, she speaks of how choices may affect a person. Published by Business Press, the book received a decent response.

The Art of Choosing Pdf Review:

In the book, the author firstly talks about how we make choices. Are our choices innate, that is done we ourselves make our decisions, unaffected by any external factors? Or are our choices determine the culture? Sometimes, people make choices that are not in accordance with their own beliefs but rather with their culture. She discusses that control that we have over our choices. Making arguments, she poses a question whether we have control over what we choose or not. Also, she explains why sometimes, people tend to choose against their best interests and why they might be satisfied even by doing so.

The Art of Choosing Pdf

The Art of Choosing Pdf Features:

  • The author talks in detail about the way choices affect a person and how most people make certain choices.
  • However, with respect to how to make better choices that are effective as well as wise, the author has not written much.

Table of Contents:

  • Past Is Prologue p. XI
  • Chapter 1 The Call of the Wild  p. 1
  • Chapter 2 Stranger in Strange Lands p. 22
  • Chapter 3 Song of Myself  p. 74
  • Chapter 4 Senses and Sensibility  p. 111
  • Chapter 5 I, Robot?  p. 140
  • Chapter 6 Lord of the Things  p. 177
  • Chapter 7 And Then There Were None  p. 216
  •   Epilogue  p. 257
  •   Afterword  p. 269
  •   Acknowledgments  p. 279
  •   Notes  p. 287
  •   Bibliography  p. 309
  •   Index  p. 327
  •   About the Author  p. 341

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