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Stumbling on Happiness is a book written by Daniel Gilbert. This book is about psychology and the science of the human brain. He discusses how the human brain in terms of future, in the book. There are many questions that are answered in the book and much more than can be answered using the information given in the book.

Stumbling on Happiness Pdf Review:

The book is quite a funny and intellectual approach to the science of the human brain. Gilbert talks about how the human brain imagines the future. Humans have this ability to predict their future as they like and they also live in it to see if they like it or not or how much they like their future. Due to this, there are many misconceptions and hopes that can arise. There are a few questions that are answered in the book, using this philosophy. For example, he asked why people tend to forgive their partners if they cheat but are very reluctant to forgive them if they have a habit of leaving the dishes unwashed in the sink. He then goes on to answer these questions and explain how human psychology makes all this happen.

Stumbling on Happiness Pdf

Stumbling on Happiness Pdf Features:

  • He talks about the ability of humans to imagine their future.
  • The author tries to answer why a sighted man would do so much more not to be blind than a blind man would do to get his sight.
  • This has a lot to do with the way our brains work and the author, in quite a witty manner, talks about it.

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Journey to Elsewhen
  • The View From In here
  • Outside Looking In
  • In The bling Spot of the Mind’s Eye
  • The House of Silence
  • The Future is Now
  • Time Bombs
  • Paradise Glossed
  • Immune to Reality
  • Once Bitten
  • Reporting Live From Tomorrow
  • Afterword
  • Index

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