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Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms your World is a book by Sam Sommers. The book was published originally in 2011 under the house of Riverhead Publishing. The Washington Post praised the book quite a lot and said that it helps you learn about the forces that influence what you do and how, once you understand these forces, every choice or decision you make is ultimately improved.

Situations Matter Pdf Review:

In his book, the author says that the world that is present around is influenced you a lot. You might think that you are doing something on your own but it is the world that is pulling your strings. Also, the world shapes the way you think and how you view things. The strange part is that all this is happening without your knowledge as you are under the illusion that it is indeed you making all these choices and forming all these ideas about something.

He says that every single day, our situations affect us in many ways. The person that we are with at that time or the place where we also have an effect on what we say or do. He goes on to say that once you understand what these factors do to you and you see yourself under their influence, you are able to perform better, whether it is at home or at work.

Situations Matter Pdf

Situations Matter Pdf Features:

  • The book focuses on the importance and role of context in our life.
  • The author also gives advice and recommendations on how to observe all these things better so that you can end up making better choices.
  • He mentions the pitfalls that you need to avoid and how to avoid them by understanding the context and situation in a better way.

Table of Contents:


Help wanted –

– Go with the flow –

– You’re not the person you thought you were –

– Mars and Venus here on Earth –

Love –

– Hate.

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