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Prozac Nation is a book written by Elizabeth Wurtzel. The book was published in 1994 and is an autobiography of the author. In the book, she talks about how she dealt with life. The journey of her college years and her quest for writing was much influenced by her atypical depression. In the book, she explains how she managed to live through it all and how she finished college with depression.

Prozac Nation Pdf Review:

The book was published by Riverhead Trade and it contains the life story of the author and her battle with depression. Most of the reviews that the book got were negative. Reviewers for New York Times and other magazines said the book was unbearable. According to them, the author was too self-absorbed in the book. In the text, she sympathizes with her self enough, leaving no room for the reader to feel anything for her. The book was also adapted into a  movie by the same name. A reviewer even went as far as saying that he fails to understand how the author managed to even get a contract.

Prozac Nation Pdf

Prozac Nation Pdf Features:

  • The author talks of her depression that she went through in her life and how she managed to deal with it.
  • She talks about love and how it kills. Also, she mentions feeling broken due to many factors in her life.
  • The text contains different incidents from her life and how she felt in response to them. Also, she explains how she made it through those times.

Table of Contents:

Full of promise –

– Secret life –

– Love Kills –

– Broken –

– Black Wave –

– Happy pills –

– Drinking in Dallas

— Space, time, and motion

— Down deep –

– Blank girl –

Good morning heartache –

Accidental blowjob –

– Woke up this morning afraid I was gonna live –

– Think of pretty things –

Epilogue: Prozac nation

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