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On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy is a psychology book written by Carl Rogers. The book was published in 1995 under the publication house of Houghton Mifflin. The book talks of the author’s approach to psychotherapy, which he believes should be patient-centred. The ideas in the book were warmly welcomed by the community of psychologist and this book has gotten plenty of positive reviews from credible sources.

On Becoming a Person Pdf Review:

Rogers’ book has this idea of therapy for patients suffering from psychological issues. His view of psychotherapy has been in practice for quite a while now. However, there was an era of use of antidepressants such as Prozac that led the community away from a positively strong relation between psychology and client centering. In his book, he talks about how the therapy given to the patient should be according to his needs and it should not be fulfilled with medications or medications alone.

On Becoming a Person Pdf

On Becoming a Person Pdf Features:

  • The book was written quite a while ago but it is still applicable today.
  • Rogers’ work has been much appreciated by people in the fields of psychotherapy and it is also favourable for the clients of this field.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction To the Reader
  • PART I SPEAKING PERSONALLY Chapter 1 “This is Mc”
  • PART II How C I B OF Hip?
  • Chapter 2 Some Hypotheses Regarding the Facilitation of Personal Growth
  • Chapter 3 The Characteristics of a Helping Relationship
  • Chapter 4 What We Know About Psychotherapy – Objectively and Subjectively
  • Chapter 5 Some of the Directions Evident in Therapy
  • Chapter What k Means to Become a Person
  • Chapter 7 A Process Conception of Psychotherapy
  • PART IV A PHa0soHY OF Pso&
  • Chapter 8 “To Be That Self Which One Truly Is”: A Therapist’s View of Personal Goals
  • Chapter 9 A Therapist’s View of the Good Life: The Fully Functioning Person

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