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How We Decide is a book by Jonah Lehrer. He is a journalist and is his book he talks about how people make decisions. In the United Kingdom, the book was published by the name The Decisive Moment: How the Brain Makes Up Its Mind. The book was published in 2009 and it talks about how the decisions are made and the way in which they can be made better. The book was published by Houghton Mifflin.

How We Decide Pdf Review:

Different aspects of decision making are discussed in the book and the author further goes on to tell the readers how to make better decisions in life. He even mentions the scientific aspects such as the dopamine involvement in the making of decisions and how it may impact some of the decisions that are made in stressful situations. Sometimes, the brain may be fooled by a feeling and that feeling can lead to a specific kind of decision being made. How most people use reason to get to the decision is also talked about in the book. The author focuses on the argument that takes place in the mind when a person makes a decision.

How We Decide Pdf

How We Decide PDF Features:

  • Different things that are involved in making a decision are mentioned in different topics.
  • The readers can use this information to make better decisions in life and to understand better how they make the decisions that they do.
  • The book was taken on sale after it was revealed that the author has done some falsifications in the writing of his book.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Quarterback in the Pocket
  • The Predictions of Dopamine
  • Fooled by a Feeling
  • The Uses of Reason
  • Choking on Thought
  • The Moral Mind
  • The Brain Is an Argument
  • The Poker Hand
  • Coda

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