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How the Mind Works is a book by the Canadian author and scientist Steven Pinker in which the author tries to shed some light on the mental functions of humans that have not been understood well. The book was published in 1997 and had a major effect on the way people viewed many things. In his book, he talks about psychology from an evolutionary perspective.

How the Mind Works Pdf Review:

The author talks about many evolutionary aspects and at the same time, he also mentions how they are related to psychology. He combines neo-Darwinism with psychology and sheds light on the subject of feminism and emotions. For him, feminism is something to be criticized because he says that science has shown man and woman to be quite similar in their moral reasoning. There is not much difference between the way they reason. The book was preceded by The Language Instinct which is also a great book by the author. After this book, the author wrote Words and Rules. How the Mind Works ended up in final spot for the Pulitzer Prize because of its comprehensive and well-explained relationship between psychology and evolutionary quirks. It is a must-read for anyone who has interest in psychology and wants to learn more about human mental functioning.

How the Mind Works Pdf

How the Mind Works Features:

  • He goes for both the concepts. He goes for neo-Darwinism and argues for it while at the same time, he also goes for a computational theory of mind and he argues for it too in terms of evolutionary aspects and relationships.
  • The book was published by Norton and Company. Based on the genre of cognitive science, this book was quite a hit among the readers and the critics alike.

Table of Contents:

  • Standard equipment
  • Thinking machines
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • The mind’s eye
  • Good ideas
  • Hotheads
  • Family values
  • The meaning of life.

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