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Civilization and its Discontent is a book written by Sigmund Freud. The book was written in 1929 and was published in 1930. Initially, the book was published in German and was later translated into English. It is one of the best books written by the writer and it is also considered as one of the most influential books in the field of psychology. This short book of 127 pages was published by Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag Wien.

Civilization and its Discontent Pdf Review:

In the book, the author talks of the discontent that is created in an individual through the society. He says that individuals often are in clash with the society. The individual would like to do something but the society makes rules about it. For example, he talks about how the human nature takes a person towards sexual gratification and even towards killing. However, the society and civilization make rules about it such as against adultery and murder. This suppression of desires of individuals by civilization often result in discontent in the individuals. The author says that humans have instincts that are present in them by default. The two major instincts are the desire to fight and kill the competitors and the other is sexual gratification.

Civilization and its Discontent Pdf

Civilization and its Discontent Pdf Features:

  • The author has also a related religion with his concept in the book.
  • According to him, humans often use religion as a way to cope with things.
  • Human beings have several instincts that are suppressed by civilization, causing discontent
  • The book also has a note by the translator who has translated the book from German to English.
  • A brief life history of the author is also given in the book in a chapter of its own.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction.
  • Christopher Hitchens
  • Civilization and its discontents
  • Sigmund Freud: A brief life
  • Peter Gay
  • Translator’s note
  • James Strachey.

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