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Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School is a book written by a research consultant by the name John Medina. Since the author is also a molecular biologist, he has used his knowledge to give people an insight into the way that our brains function. The book talks about how the development of the brain affects the things we do and vice versa.

Brain Rules Pdf Review:

The book is divided into twelve chapters and each chapter is based on any aspect related to the brain. These chapters are about the way the human brain works and there are many interesting facts mentioned in the book. For example, the author talks about how physical activity is absolutely essential for the brain to work properly and to its full potential. It talks about how there are certain things we do that affect the way our brains develop over time.

Brain Rules Pdf



Brain Rules PDF Features:

  • The author talks about how oxygen is much needed for the proper functioning of the brain.
  • He tells the readers that all brains are different and there is no way that everyone can be the same.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction  p. 1
  •   Exercise Rule #1: Exercise boosts brain power  p. 7
  •   Our brains love motion
  •   The incredible test-score booster
  •   Will you age like Jim or like Frank?
  •   How oxygen builds roads for the brain
  •   Survival Rule #2: The human brain evolved, too  p. 29
  •   What’s uniquely human about us
  •   A brilliant survival strategy
  •   Meet your brain
  •   How we conquered the world
  •   Wiring Rule #3: Every brain is wired differently  p. 49
  •   Neurons slide, slither, and split
  •   Experience makes the difference
  •   Furious brain development not once, but twice
  •   The Jennifer Aniston neuron
  •   Attention Rule #4: We don’t pay attention to boring things  p. 71
  •   Emotion matters
  •   Why there is no such thing as multitasking
  •   We pay great attention to threats, sex, and pattern matching
  •   The brain needs a break!
  •   Short-term memory Rule #5: Repeat to remember  p. 95
  •   Memories are volatile
  •   How details become splattered across the insides of our brains
  •   How the brain pieces them back together again
  •   Where memories go
  •   Long-term memory Rule #6: Remember to repeat  p. 121
  •   If you don’t repeat this within 30 seconds, you’ll forget it
  •   Spaced repetition cycles are key to remembering
  •   When floating in water could help your memory
  •   Sleep Rule #7: Sleep well, think well p. 149
  •   The brain doesn’t sleep to rest
  •   Two armies at war in your head
  •   How to improve your performance 34 percent in 26 minutes
  •   Which bird are you?
  •   Sleep on it!

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