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Beyond Culture is a book written by Edward T Hall. Published in 1976, the book is among the greatest works of the anthropologist. As the name suggests, the book is about culture and it explains the dynamics of cultures. Since the writer is American, he writes from his experience with different kinds of culture in the USA. The book has a rating of 3.9 on Goodreads.

Beyond Culture Pdf Review:

In the book, the author sheds light on culture. Firstly, he goes on to explain how culture forms and how it affects people’s life. He talks about the differences that are created in people due to culture and why people from different culture often find it hard to understand each other. Culture tends to shape the ideas and views of people. This takes place by the different customs that are practiced by those people and the regulations of their culture that they follow. The author says that culture is not only what you believe in or what your religion is. It actually affects the person’s personality and the actions or thoughts of the whole community.

Beyond Culture Pdf

Beyond Culture Pdf Features:

  • The author talks about how culture is more than a set of beliefs or customs. It is actually the code of life that followers of a culture live by.
  • Our culture acts as a lens through which we look at the world and that is how we perceive the people and other cultures around us.
  • It is an interesting read for a general reader and a good educational reference for anyone pursuing a degree in the subject.

Table of Contents:

  • On the teaching of modern literature.
  • Emma and the legend of Jane Austen.
  • The fate of pleasure.
  • Freud: within and beyond culture.
  • Isaac Babel.
  • The Leavis-Snow controversy.
  • Hawthorne in our time.
  • The two environments: reflections on the study of English.
  • Bibliographical note (p. 235)

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