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Authentic happiness is a book written by Martin Seligman. The book was published in 2002 under the Free Press publishing and it set many records upon its publishing. The book received major acclaim and became a favorite among the readers. It touches on the real nature of happiness and this subject started a lot of debate in the psychology community.

Authentic Happiness Pdf Review:

In his book, the author says that real happiness is not a result of how your genes are or how you luck works to your advantage. It comes from something else such as focusing on your strengths and not your weaknesses. He poses a question that can you make yourself happy for a long time and then goes on to answer that question in a whole chapter. He has designed a test and even a website programme for people to see their best qualities and how they can use them to their full potential.

Authentic Happiness Pdf

Authentic Happiness PDF Features:

  • The book is divided into chapters in which some chapters answer the pressing question that is posed by the title and others talk of the present, past and future.
  • The author’s purpose is to teach people how to find their strengths and their virtues and use then subsequently to be happy in life.
  • Every person has a signature strength and according to the writer, this inbuilt quality can lead to real happiness in a person.

Table of Contents:

  • pt. 1. Positive Emotion
  • 1. Positive feeling and positive character
  • 2. How psychology lost its way and I found mine
  • 3. Why bother to be happy?
  • 4. Can you make yourself lastingly happier?
  • 5. Satisfaction about the past
  • 6. Optimism about the future
  • 7. Happiness in the present
  • pt. 2. Strength and virtue
  • 8. Renewing strength and virtue
  • 9. Your signature strengths
  • pt. 3. In the mansions of life
  • 10. Work and personal satisfaction
  • 11. Love
  • 12. Raising children
  • 13. Reprise and summary
  • 14. Meaning and purpose.

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